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About us

Cantus is a song. In addition, the word cantus reflects the idea of beautiful, meaningful, and this word expresses the significance of poetry and music in accordance with these spheres. In the very core of music the song is a challenge for the creator, as well as the result of his efforts. It is thus the beginning and end of each composer. 
So, this is the most suitable name for all these fields related to music. And these are exactly the activities in which Cantus Ltd. is engaged. The primary goal and intention of the company is to present and promote the Croatian musical culture in Croatia and abroad, and the principal activities include organisation of cultural, predominantly musical, events as well as publishing. 
Cantus Ltd. was founded by the Croatian Composers’ Society in February 2000 with the objectives listed above. 
Over the past four years Cantus Ltd. has widened its professional range of activities by including the areas related to music, which were not previously pursued or they were conducted sporadically. Apart from composers, these activities include a considerable number of various associates. The company has also established successful business relations with cultural institutions and similar firms from Croatia and the world; the publishing activity has been expanded, especially as regards the production of CDs, and business plans based on some innovative ideas further support the development of publishing activity in some other areas. 
Moreover, Cantus Ltd. is also engaged in two major projects – the Cantus Ensemble and the magazine of the Croatian Composers’ Society, which was, of course, named Cantus in 1993. 
Activities of Cantus Ltd. include: 
* promotion of Croatian music and musicians at home and abroad 
* music publishing (CDs, DVDs, music scores, books, catalogues, brochures, ect.) 
* mediation on the Croatian and international music markets 
* organisation of musical and stage performances and festivals 
* organisation of fairs, exhibitions, conferences, workshops

Cantus Team

  • Mirjana Matić, general manager
  • Darinka Ilić, organization and project management




Our CDs, DVDs, music scores, books you can buy on our webshop or in stores:


A Classic

Preradovićeva 32, Zagreb


Music Shop Etida

Tratinska 77, Zagreb


Music library Rockmark

Berislavićeva 13, Zagreb


Croatia records

Bogovićeva ulica, Zagreb

Užarska 3, Rijeka

Narodni trg 11, Split


Šareni dućan

Ivana Generalića 3, Koprivnica


Forte Music Store

Naselje Andrije Hebranga 4/1, Slavonski Brod