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Gudački kvartet Rucner: It's Wonderful to Make Music!

It's Wonderful to Make Music!
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Rucner String Quartet celebrates its 15th anniversary

To write a biography of the Rucner String Quartet, which celebrates its 15th anniversary with this set of compact discs, means, first of all, to go 35 years back in the past, when life and professional path brought together Snježana and Dragan Rucner, a musician couple, founders of the Rucner String Quartet (1998). […] Violinists Jože Haluza and Josip Novosel, members of the first lineup of the Quartet, helped the Rucner couple realize the idea of enlivening Croatian music culture with an ensemble slightly different than others by its artistic characteristics, which will enrich the music scene with its repertoire in an, until then, unusual way. The fact that they have succeeded is confirmed by the fifteen extremely fruitful years – both content-wise, and regarding the number of concerts. […] Encouraging Croatian composers to write new pieces for string quartets or chamber ensembles reached in these fifteen years the impressive number of around eighty new works, and composers of all generations and stylistic tendencies have composed for the quartet. Truly, there is almost no Croatian composer that did not dedicate one of his or her pieces to the ensemble, and thus rehearse a first performance in the Rucner family house, in the picturesque Rim street in Zagreb. This part of their activity certainly deserves special attention and enters the annals of the development of Croatian chamber music from the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, inscribed with capital letters thanks to their care for enriching the repertoire and the overall fundus of contemporary music production, not only for string quartet, but also for extended chamber ensembles in which, together with a quartet, other instrumentalists, soloists, ensembles and even singers participate..“

(dr. sc. Zdenka Weber) 

croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2013. 

Antun Tomislav Šaban  Quintet for clarinet/bass clarinet and string quartet  Ratko Vojtek, clarinet/bass clarinet 
Srećko Bradić  1st String Quartet   
Berislav Šipuš  From the Book of Forgotten Words for string quartet   
Emil Cossetto  Variations on a Folk Theme from Međimurje for string quartet and trumpet  Marin Zokić, trumpet 
Josip Magdić  Five Vignettes for tuba (bass tuba) and string quartet Op. 203  Krunoslav Babić, tuba 
Nikša Njirić  Encounters on Strings for guitar and string quartet  Darko Petrinjak, guitar 
Tomislav Uhlik  Seasons for bandoneon and string quartet  Peter Soave, bandoneon 
Božidar Potočnik  Jalše for string quartet and tamburica orchestra  Croatian Radio and Television Tamburica Orchestra | Siniša Leopold, conductor 
Marko Ruždjak  Dietro for soprano and string quartet  Davorka Horvat, soprano 
Viktorija Čop  Gravitations for bass clarinet and string quartet  Ratko Vojtek, bass clarinet 
Krešimir Herceg  Rucner Tango for bandoneon and string quartet  Peter Soave, bandoneon 
Krešimir Herceg  Mady’s dance for accordion and string quartet  Madlen Mady Soave, accordion 
Živko Ključe  1st String Quartet   
Ruben Radica  The Twilight Poem for string quartet   
Marijan Makar  SlavETNOnija for clarinet and string quartet  Bruno Philipp, clarinet 
Laura Mjeda Čuperjani  Strinx for string quartet