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Penezić, Renata & Babić, Krunoslav: In the Garden of the Clown

In the Garden of the Clown
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When the flute and the tuba play together, there’s always a clown.
I’ve had a peek into his garden...

Igor Kuljerić 

Renata and Kruno are not solitary musicians. They play in the orchestra, they perform in outstanding chamber ensembles, they shine as soloists in virtuoso concertos. But Renata and Kruno wandered into the same dream, the same garden - the garden that a certain clown resides in (and perhaps cultivates?). The intriguing sound world which they can create with their instruments is constructed in connivance with selected Croatian composers (who wholeheartedly entrust them with their works), binding their stories together with a number of American and German scores. This album of musical miniatures found in the clown’s garden will become a favourite of those with a refined ear. But every ear of every hearer, each bringing along its own imagination, will soon be peering into some special, unique garden of sound open to it alone. An acquaintance with the musician-performers and musician-composers might bring apparent order to the happenstance of meetings in dreams, in gardens, at musical parties.

And every one of you is invited!

(Iva Lovrec Štefanović)

Cantus d.o.o., Croatian Composers’ Society
989 052 0566 2, 2006. 

Alfi Kabiljo  Three Clownesques, for flute and tuba   
Walter S. Hartley  Duet, for flute and tuba   
Igor Kuljerić  In the Garden of the Clown, for flute, tuba and piano  Andrea Feitl, piano 
Tomislav Uhlik  The Little Girl and the Clown, for flute (alto flute) and tuba   
Alfred Schust  Duo, for flute and tuba   
Mladen Tarbuk  renata.kruno, for alto flute and tuba   
David A. Uber  The Giraffe and the Bear, op. 165, for flute and tuba   
Robert Jager  Fantasy-Variations, for flute (piccolo), tuba and piano  Andrea Feitl, piano