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Tamburaški orkestar HRT-a: Seven decades; 1941. - 2011.

Seven decades; 1941. - 2011.
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Seventy Years of Croatian Radio–Television Tamburitza Orchestra
Conductor: Siniša Leopold

The HRT Tamburitza Orchestra was established in the year 1941 as a professional ensemble of the then Radio-Zagreb. Since that time up to the present the orchestra presents the Croatian folk music in the broadcasts of the Radio and Television. In the past ten years or so the Orchestra’s programme orientation was greatly extended so that in the past years they also performed works of serious, entertainment and light orchestral music. Vocal and instrumental soloists of all the genres have been frequent guests and associates of the Tamburitza Orchestra at recordings, concerts and broadcasts of the Croatian Radio and Television. The orchestra was led by many eminent musicians: composers Josip Stojanović and Željko Brkanović, conductors Vladimir Mutak and Zlatko Černjul, and they were also playing under the well-known conductors and composers like Lovro von Matačić, Boris Papandopulo, Miljenko Prohaska, Igor Gjadrov, Igor Kuljerić and others. Since the year 1985 the HRT Tamburitza Orchestra functioned under the artistic leadership of Siniša Leopold, conductor, composer and music pedagogue. Nowadays the Orchestra numbers sixteen permanent musicians.


croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2011. 

Sanja Drakulić  Chronicle   
Mladen Tarbuk  Ice-skating Polka   
Ivo Josipović  Drmesh for Penderecki   
Berislav Šipuš  Ballad for the Solitary   
Tomislav Uhlik  Truffle Dish   
Božo Potočnik  Sunny Plains   
Josip Magdić  Prelude and Burlesque   
Zlatko Potočnik  Perpetuum mobile   
Miljenko Prohaska  Golden Tamburitzas   
Siniša Leopold  At the Carnival   
Boris Benini  At the fountain