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Čop, Viktorija: Musical Moments

Musical Moments
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The opus of young Croatian author Viktorija Čop presented on this CD includes pieces written from 2001 (while she was still in the class of Željko Brkanović at the Academy of Music in Zagreb) to 2008, with most of the works created between 2004 and 2005, during her last years of study at the Faculty of Music in Utrecht. This edition, regretfully, does not include Ms. Čop’s awardwinning orchestral work (in 2007 she received the prestigious Stjepan Šulek Foundation Award for her composition Adieu), nor her interesting electronic music pieces. Still, even this selection – performed and recorded at the well-received composer’s night held at the Croatian Music Institute in Zagreb on 19 October 2008 – will undoubtedly show a number of characteristics and reveal many interesting features of Ms. Čop’s composing.
(G.A.D. production)

croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2011. 
98898 498452

  Cantus  Lidija Ljubičić, flute | Ivan Batoš, piano 
  Out of Mind  Lidija Ljubičić, flute 
  Two Musical Boxes  Trio GIG: Gordan Tudor, saxophones (alto & soprano) | Goran Jurković, alto saxophone | Ivan Batoš, piano | Marko Mihajlović, vibraphone 
  Mosaic  Branko Mihanović, oboe | Ivan Batoš, piano 
  Three Miniatures for Bassoon and Saxophone  Žarko Perišić, bassoon | Gordan Tudor, saxophones 
  Musical Moments  Katarina Krpan, piano 
  Attractor  Žarko Perišić, bassoon | Zagreb quartet: Goran Končar, Davor Philips, violins, Hrvoje Philips, viola, Martin Jordan, violoncello