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Zagrebački puhački ansambl: IN - OUT

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Dani Bošnjak, flute | Branko Mihanović, oboe | Danijel Martinović, clarinet | Bánk Harkay, horn | Ricardo Luque, bassoon


The Zagreb Woodwind Ensemble was founded in 1991 by young and just graduating musicians of the Zagreb Music Academy, Dani Bošnjak, Danijel Martinović, Dubravko Lukin and Bánk Harkay who were joined by the Venezuelan Ricardo Luque with his diploma from Moscow Conservatory in his pocket. The core of the ensemble in formal terms is the classica wind quintet, an yet, the name itself allows for the ensemble to be reduced or enlarged in terms of number of performers.

Đurđa Otržan

Cantus d.o.o. - Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja, 2005. 
989 052 0535 2 

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