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Novosel, Filip & Mia Elezović: ENCOUNTERS

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The CD Encounters mainly presents new compositions written for the tambura, i.e. brac solo or brac and piano, performed by Filip Novosel and Mia Elezović. This CD is another example of the gradual change in the perception of the tambura as an exclusively traditional instrument, and the integration of instruments that were until recently considered ‘traditional’ into classical (contemporary) music which began happening several years ago in Croatia. For example, the 2022 Music Panel in Osijek was dedicated to the tambura idiom in contemporary music, where a number of composers, sometimes for the first time, faced the challenge of writing for this instrument. This CD contains numerous solutions on how to harmonize the sound of seemingly such different instruments, tambura and piano, or shows different approaches in highlighting their diversity, occasionally even flirting with the folk idiom. All of this can be heard in the compositions of Croatian composers, (almost all of) whose compositions were written as part of the Encounters project, which involved facing new challenges brought about by the use of specific instruments: tambura and piano.
The edition's editor is Srđana Vrsalović, and the author of the essay in the program booklet is musicologist Helena Skljarov (32 pages; Croatian / English). 
Cantus Ltd; Croatian Composers’ Society 
Broj izdanja | CD number: 88924507102 
Zagreb, 2023.

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Frano Đurović  Sonata for A brac and piano   
Ana Horvat  Reticence   
Bruno Vlahek  Fotonal   
Marko Bertić  Lost Dreamers   
Sanja Drakulić  Momento Lento   
Filip Novosel  Two Movements for brac solo   
Mladen Tarbuk  Encounters, for brac and piano