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Trio Elogio: Quasi Ritorno

Quasi Ritorno
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Contemporary music is an artistic domain that offers a wide range of creative directions, freedom, and exploratory approaches but it also presents many challenges for composers. One of them is without doubt composing for the guitar, considering it is perhaps the most popular instrument that, through history, application, and popularity, gained a certain stigma. The impulse to approach guitar composition is mainly found in the work of composers who are also guitarists, while the majority of composers opt for conventional techniques and themes associated with that instrument. The connection, creative collaboration, and trust between the composer and the performer emerge as one of the key steps toward expanding the body of work of contemporary guitar music that goes beyond mere premieres and becomes part of the concert repertoire. Members of Trio Elogio - Petrit Çeku, Pedro Ribeiro Rodrigues, and Tomislav Vukšić - are undertaking valuable work in this field, bringing their creative imprint, ideas, and approach while simultaneously continuing the important mission of their predecessors.

The edition's editor is Srđana Vrsalović, and the author of the essay in the program booklet is musicologist Karolina Rugle (30 pages; Croatian / English).

Cantus d.o.o., 2023. 
Bruno Vlahek  Acumal, for guitar trio, Op. 60    
Hugo Vasco Reis   Quasi Ritorno, for guitar trio    
Zoran Juranić  Trilogue, for guitar trio    
Krešimir Seletković   PerPeTuum mobile, for guitar trio