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Palanović, Dubravko: Autorski album

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Autorski album
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The first meeting and getting to know someone largely depends on the first impression – Dubravko Palanović (Zagreb, 1977) is a composer who carefully introduces himself with this album by choosing six of his recent works that weren’t featured in any other from and that were eligible for performance. Musicians coming from his circle of friends were the first choice for a unique interpretations that are now lovingly preserved, and these fresh recordings – directed by the same sound engineer and producer, round off a polished sound image that encompasses chamber, soloist and orchestral concerto pieces.
A musician of pristine musicality and melodic invention, Dubravko Palanović first studied and graduated in double bass in the 1999 class of prof. Josip Novosel, before seriously devoting himself to the study of composition in the class of prof. Željko Brkanović,  graduating again in 2008. The third thread of his musical interlace – in addition to that of working as a double bass player in the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, and that of being a composer which started even before his composition studies – is certainly his belonging to the Acoustic Project ensemble, which he founded and for which he wrote arrangements (alongside his own piece) for their first eponymous CD, while on the recent album Furious Dance, he luxuriously combined all three of his career threads, writing unique compositions which play around different musical genres, staying mostly in the zones of what is referred to as world music. 
Iva Lovrec Štefanović
Cantus Ltd; Croatian Composers' Society
Broj izdanja | CD number: 88924506732
Zagreb, 2023.


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Dubravko Palanović  Rovinj Concerto Grosso, for strings and harpsichord  Marco Graziani — Katarina Kutnar, Davide Albanese, Teodora Sucala Matei, — Val Bakrač, Ivo Jukić, Marija Bašić, Aleksandar Jakopanec, Lucija Brnadić, — Petar Kovačić,Oliver Đorđević, — Dubravko Palanović, - Linda Mravunac Fabijanić 
Dubravko Palanović  Echoes of the Other Worlds for flute solo  Renata Penezić, flauta | flute 
Dubravko Palanović  Violin sonata  Marco Graziani, violina | violin — Tibor Naglić, klavir | piano 
Dubravko Palanović  Tu Alma y la mía for flute and piano  Renata Penezić, flauta | flute — Zrinka Ivančić Cikojević, klavir | piano 
Dubravko Palanović  A Free Life, for voice and piano  Darija Auguštan, sopran | soprano — Viktor Čižić, klavir | piano 
Dubravko Palanović  Cello concerto  Petar Kovačić, violončelo | Penezić, Ledenko Palatinuš, Košutić, Križanić, Churikov, Kšenek, Graziani, Gubajdulina, Albanese, Mijalić, Bakrač, Jukić, Sucala Matei,Jakopanec, Brnadić, Đorđević, Javorović, Radić, Bjelinski, dirigent