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Palanović, Dubravko: Études for the Young, Five Études for Piano

Études for the Young, Five Études for Piano
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My primary focus when writing these études was to create motivating and musical compositions for practice and playing, and not just dry technical exercises. Études are divided into five categories based on their complexity and focus on various elements of piano technique, as well as musical interpretation. In the initial études, I placed greater emphasis on the coordination of the left and right hands, and distinguishing between melody and accompaniment, while from the 3rd etude onwards, I gradually introduced more complex technical-interpretive elements, which culminate in the very virtuoso fifth étude.
Dubravko Palanović
Composer Dubravko Palanović presented a cycle of five études for piano as a gift for the 30th international competition, Young Virtuoso, Zagreb, which he named Études for the Young. A pleasant and simple title, brimming with hope and beautiful energy. The cycle consists of five harmonious miniatures that are inspired by the Renaissance (Étude No. 1) and the Baroque style (Étude No. 3, 4 and 5), while Étude No.
2 is reminiscent of a prelude or song without lyrics from the Romantic period, whose basis and form can also be traced back to the Baroque. Études feature smooth, pleasant melodies that are well-suited (each individually) to the age they were written for, both in technique and content.
This cycle is a valuable addition to the entire oeuvre, and a considerable number of compositions by Croatian composers that have been written for our competition in the past 30 years. We gladly offer them to young competitors and new generations of young pianists with the hope that they will enjoy performing them and absorbing themselves in them, exactly as the composer had in mind.
Jelica Kuzmin
Cantus d.o.o. 
Broj izdanja | Edition Number Can. 351-3244
ISMN 979-0-801363-24-4
Zagreb, 2023.