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Brkanović, Željko: Croatian contemporary composers

Croatian contemporary composers
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The period when the selected compositions of Željko Brkanović on this CD were written spans 16 years and brings together author’s most important concert works. Preceding the list of works is Concerto for piano and orchestra, it was written first in 1980 and dedicated to the pianist Vladimir Krpan. In the same year the composer was presented with the Josip Slavenski Award, given by the Croatian daily Vjesnik, for the same composition. ...
Although solo concerts with the orchestra do not appear seldom in the Croatian music, the four concert works of Željko Brkanović have been an invaluable contribution to this domain. Surrounded by the prolific concert opuses of his senior colleagues, such as Stjepan Šulek, Boris Papandopulo and Bruno Bjelinski, this part of Željko Brkanović’s opus significantly contributes to the Croatian concert performance by combining impressive role models and at the same time captivating due to his personality. 
(Jagoda Martinčević, form CD book) 

serija Hrvatski suvremeni skladatelji 
Cantus – HDS – HRT, 2002. 

  Concerto for violin and orchestra in A   Josip Klima, violin | Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Radio and Television | Vladimir Kranjčević, conductor 
  Concerto for piano and orchestra   Vladimir Krpan, piano | Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Radio and Television | Uroš Lajovic, conductor 
  Concerto for violin, violoncello and orchestra   Maja Dešpalj, violin | Krešimir Lazar, violoncello | Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Radio and Television | Pavle Dešpalj, conductor 
  Concert Rondo for piano and wind orchestra   Lana Genc, piano | Symphony Wind Orchestra of the Croatian Army | Tomislav Fačini, conductor