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Šipuš, Berislav: Passion

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– on March 1, Šipuš’s Passion for soloists, a speaker, mixed choir and instrumental
ensemble was premiered in Zagreb’s Lauba, precisely at the time when the eyes of the whole world were focused on the war that broke out on European soil just a few days earlier and ushered everyone into a completely new moment of agonizing anticipation and uncertainty. Symbolically, therefore, the performance was dedicated to the first victims of the war in Ukraine.
The Passion’s music is completely Šipušesque – imbued with many experiences and influences, reinterpretations of his own musical ideas, diversities that the author unites in his own statement, all of this in a body soaked in sensitivity, sincerity, humanity – from which the author does not run away. Although completely personal, Šipuš’s work successfully conveys a universal message about spirituality, about love, about a man.
Marija Saraga
Edition Ligatura, was produced in collaboration between the Croatian Radiotelevision and the Croatian Composers’ Society.
Cantus Ltd; Croatian Composers' Society
CD number: 88924506352
Zagreb, 2023.
Passion for soloists, a speaker, mixed choir and instrumental ensemble (2020.)
1. Introit 
2. Announcement 
3. Prayer 
4. Condemnation 
5. Jesus falls for the first time 
6. Jesus meets his mother 
7. Simon helps Jesus 
8. Jesus speaks to Simon 
9. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus 
10. Jesus falls for the second time 
11. Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem 
12. Jesus falls for the third time. Undressing 
13. Crucifixtion 
14. Death on the cross 
15. Taking down from the cross 
16. Grave 
Croatian Radiotelevision Choir
Tomislav Fačini, conductor
Soprano: Monika Cerovčec
Mezzo-soprano: Martina Gojčeta Silić
Tenor: Roko Radovan
Bass: Marko Špehar
Speaker: Sreten Mokrović
Cello: Branimir Pustički
Harps: Mirjana Krišković, Veronika Ćiković
Percussion: Hrvoje Sekovanić, Šimun Matišić, Marko Mihajlović, Fran Krsto Šercar