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Bradić, Srećko: Autorski album

Croatian Contemporary Composers
Autorski album
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We have before us the first portrait-album presenting Srećko Bradić’s work, which was certainly long due; and tough it seems it is being published quite late in his career, on the eve of his 60th birthday – in fact, its release may come just at the right moment, in order to present and unite two monumental compositions of his oeuvre, both works set to music Latin ritual and prayer texts of the Catholic Church – Requiem for soloists, choir and orchestra (2015) and Stabat Mater for soprano, choir and strings (2021).
These are achievements of exceptional intensity, which certainly belong to the very pinnacle of his career. If we add to these two compositions the Miserere for choir from 2016, recently released on the CD Osluškivanja (Harkenings) by the Croatian Radiotelevision Choir (Cantus/HRT, 2022), we have before us an almost complete result of Bradić’s artistic endeavors in the last decade – a very specific and focused part of his opus that deserves to be presented in this holistic way, and which is characterized by a turn towards pieces of sacred provenance, but which Bradić, without exception, makes very particular and entirely his own.

Marija Saraga


Cantus Ltd; Croatian Composers' Society
Broj izdanja | CD number: 88924506042
Zagreb, 2022.
 Edition Ligatura, was produced in collaboration between the Croatian Radiotelevision and the Croatian Composers’ Society.


Srećko Bradić  Stabat Mater, for soprano, choir and strings  Croatian Radiotelevision Choir | Zagreb Soloists | Tomislav Fačini, conductor | Monika Cerovčec, soprano 
Srećko Bradić  Requiem for soloists, choir and orchestra  Croatian Radiotelevision Choir and Symphony Orchestra | Tonči Bilić, conductor | Marta Bradić Matišić, soprano | Dubravka Šeparović Mušović, mezzo-soprano | Luciano Batinić, bass