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Kempf, Davorin: Piano & Chamber music

Croatian contemporary composers | 2CD
Piano & Chamber music
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I view the creative endeavour as a process which is part conscious and part subconscious or unconscious. Music is born in one’s spirit, and the ideas we draw from our inner being — with all their refl ections the sources of which we are unable to identify — are fi ltered through our individuality. The process of composing entails the recognition of possibilities (the more creative one is the more possibilities one sees), followed by the selection of some of these
possibilities — and that selection implies a certain artistic–cum–aesthetic criteria. Every effort made by a composer to reach a solution, or rather the form — since a piece of music is realized through a form — is an effort to achieve harmony between the organization of sounds in the passage of time and his vision. Integrated into my own poeticism of music is the yearning for beauty. And beauty, needless to say, has a number of faces and therefore cannot be unequivocally defi ned, but without its aura music as art for me is inconceivable.
(Davorin Kempf)

croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2011. 
98898 49142

  Three Preludes  Pavica Gvozdić, piano 
  Reminiscences - 12 Preludes  Vlasta Gyura, piano 
  Mariposa de luz /Butterfly of Light/  Martina Filjak, piano 
  Melody (Hommage à Bartók)  Davorin Kempf, piano 
  Hommage à Skrjabin  Davorin Kempf, piano 
  Prelude and Fugue - Fantasy  Javor Bračić, piano 
  Three Views of Osor Cathedral  Natalija Mladenović, piano 
  Soundscape  Pedja Mužijević, piano 
  Reminiscences for woodwind trio  Zagreb Woodwind Trio 
  Pyramids  /electro–acoustic composition/ 
  Fiat lux  /electro–acoustic composition/ 
  Contrapunctus primus for string quartet  The Arditti–Quartet 
  Five Haiku for mezzo–soprano and piano  Dunja Vejzović, mezzo–sopran | Đorđe Stanetti, piano 
  Pater noster, for mixed choir   Croatian Radiotelevision Choir | Tonči Bilić, conductor 
  Music for Piano and Electronics  Pavica Gvozdić, piano