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Zbor Hrvatske radiotelevizije: Osluškivanja

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Performing, commissioning and even encouraging the creation of new compositions is very common for a radio ensemble. However, having a real live connection between the ensemble and a composer, that is to say, their works, takes more than principles, more than a standardized relation to the cultural scene and the proportion of time devoted to contemporary music in the annual plan. Sufficient time and intensity is required for the work and the performers to blend into something that becomes a cultural moment. In such a relationship, it is natural that each side gets something in return: the author gets a good and representative recorded performance, and the ensemble, in addition to the above, also goes through the process of honing and construction. This was the fundamental principle behind the choice of these compositions – something that is a new step in sound, listening, togetherness, vocal metamorphoses, purity and precision for the choir. The second principle is related to the first: the selection of works that, as a result of such a process, become representative pieces that reflect the quality of the ensemble. And we very much appreciate such works. 
When the recording is over, when the memories of all the difficulties fade, what is left fills us with satisfaction and we gladly give it to you.
Tomislav Fačini
Zbor Hrvatske radiotelevizije | The Croatian Radiotelevision Choir:
Soprani | Sopranos: Monika Cerovčec * | ***, Daniela Perosa, Amela Jančić Priganica, Sunčica Novačić, Ivana Barun, Ivana Garaj Korpar*, Anabela Barić*, Marija Renčar Horvat, Mayumi Kamei.
Altovi | Altos: Gordana Šeb*, Martina Borse*, Loredana Medan* | ***, Martina Kapitan Bregović, Barbara Anočić, Tereza Gabrić, Dragana Ištvančić.
Tenori | Tenors: Želimir Panić*, Hrvoje Ivkošić* | **, Marin Kopilović, Milivoj Juras, Ranko Belić,
Andro Bojanić*, Siniša Galović, Damir Mujadžić, Tomislav Tukša.
Basovi | Basses: Tomislav Meštrić*, Dinko Domjanović, Petar Cindrić, Mladen Klepo, Milan Kravar, Vjekoslav Hudeček*, Marko Pletikosa, Branko Ozretić, Marin Čargo*.
* Izvedba skladbi 5. i 6. | Performance of tracks 5 and 6; ** Vokalni solist u skladbi 1. | Vocal soloist in track 1; *** Vokalne solistice u skladbi 3. | Vocal soloists in track 3.
Cantus d.o.o.; Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja; HRT
Broj izdanja | CD number: 88924505982
Zagreb, 2022.
Srećko Bradić  Miserere, za mješoviti zbor | for mixed choir   
Anđelko Klobučar  V megli, za mješoviti zbor | In the Mist, for mixed choir   
Anđelko Klobučar  Dječaku, madrigal za mješoviti zbor | To a Boy, madrigal for mixed choir   
Frano Parać  Ruke, za zbor a cappella | Hands, for a cappella choir   
Stanko Horvat  Deux poèmes de Guillaume Apollinaire