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Batinica, Ana: Birdsong

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The terrifying legend about the Pied Piper, as well as the well-known – and completely opposite – opera about the magic flute, are but two recognizable poles of the instrument that some regard as the oldest, according to the preserved and found Neanderthal pipes (which may be over 50,000 years old). It is this origin, ties to unimaginable scenarios, along with the richness of possible sounds that make the flute an interesting queen of the sounds of our time – this CD was filled with tokens created in the second half of the last century and our time, reflecting thus the composers’ imagination which was captured in the breath and flow – just the way the flute works. The artist who recorded them all is Ana Batinica, and the composers are Croatian composers of our time – from the ones no longer among us, such as Rudolf Matz, Božidar Kunc or Milko Kelemen, to our contemporaries – Berislav Šipuš, Frano Đurović, Vjekoslav Nježić, Dubravko Palanović and (the youngest among them) Tibor Szirovicza.
Iva Lovrec Štefanović
Croatian Composers’ Society, Cantus Ltd, 2022


Rudolf Matz  Three Poetic Etudes, for flute solo   
Milko Kelemen  Study, for flute solo   
Vjekoslav Nježić  Monodie, for flute solo   
Berislav Šipuš  Dick Tracy and the Story of the Sad Young Men, for flute solo   
Božidar Kunc  Soliloquy for flute solo   
Frano Đurović  Three Croquis, for flute solo   
Dubravko Palanović  5 Moods for Flute Solo   
Tibor Szirovicza  Pticopjev (Birdsong), for flute and electronics