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Bukvić, Dalibor: Croatian contemporary composers

Croatian contemporary composers
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First of all, there is the clarity of form - the musical form - which, regardless of the internal content of the music structure, refl ects the sense of proportion and rationality in organizing the sound material. Dalibor Bukvić received a degree in composition from the Zagreb Academy of Music where he was taught by Stanko Horvat (1995), whom he describes as an “excellent professor.” His professor once said that “… I have always urged my students to ponder on the shape of a work. Personally, I have never started writing unless I knew what I wanted to write.” This has obviously been an example of spiritual coincidence and a mature teacher-student relationship, in line with the saying “when the student is ready, the teacher shall appear.” Dalibor Bukvić later said, confi rming almost expectedly this student dowry: “I like clear, well laid–out forms and dramaturgy is very important to me. Before I set anything, I listen to internal sound because I strive to achieve a particular rhythm of action and the timing of changes. I like to mix contemporary musical expression and techniques with something from distant past.”

(Sanja Raca, from CD book; croatian/english) 

Cantus d.o.o., 2009. 
989 052 08492

  Spatial - danse des apparitions, for electronics   
  Prophéties, for piano  Dalibor Bukvić, piano 
  Fantasia, for flute  Dani Bošnjak, flute 
  Musica pian e forte, for brass quintet  Brass Quintet of the Zagreb University Academy of Music 
  Diptych, for piano and ten woodwinds  Damir Gregurić, piano | Cantus Ensemble | Ivan Josip Skender, conductor 
  Actus, for orchestra  Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra | Paolo Paroni, conductor 
  Afrodizzyak, for bass clarinet and piano - one musician  Ratko Vojtek, bass clarinet and piano