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Skender, Ivan Josip: Autorski album

Autorski album
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If you asked him whether he considered himself a conductor or a composer, he would say that these were two aspects of the same thing, and that for him it merely meant “whether one is a musician or not”. In any case, he will admit that this dual role helped him a lot, the composer in him helped the conductor decipher the ideas of the composers whose scores were on the music stand in front of him more quickly and easily, whereas the conductor has taught the composer many technical skills that make his scores well and skilfully prepared, regardless of the instrument to which they are dedicated.
The works on this album, without explicit intent, are a cross section of Skender’s opus in the last ten years. Likewise, these are, by chance, though perhaps subconsciously conditioned, also the works that were created under the direct influence of the composer’s mental and physical state and the circumstances of his life. Though varied in terms of content, they are often linked by a very similar underlying story, namely the author’s need to express the circumstances and situations that occupy him every day. Everything he experiences in everyday life, good or bad, arresting or repulsive, everything that passes through his system and leaves a mark, it all becomes an echo and a reflection of the time in his music.
(Marija Saraga, from CD book; croatian/english) 
Croatian Composers’ Society, Cantus Ltd, 2021
  Circles,or clarinet and percussion  Domagoj Pavlović, clarinet | Ivana Kuljerić Bilić, percussion 
  Poema, for milanolo  Milan Paľa, milanolo 
  Phantasmagoria, for orchestra  Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra | Dian Tchobanov, conductor 
  String Quartet No. 3  Zagreb Quartet 
  Rush, for ensemble  Opatija Music Panel Festival Ensemble | Ivan Josip Skender, conductor 
  White Line Fever, za kvartet udaraljki | for percussion quartet  Udaraljkaški ansambl biNg bang | biNg bang percussion ensemble 
  (Anti)Pop Sketches, for ensemble  Cantus Ensemble | Berislav Šipuš, conductor