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Klobučar, Anđelko: Compositions for String Quartet

Compositions for String Quartet
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Sebastian String Quartet
Anđelko Krpan,  violin, Teodora Sucala Matei, violin
Nebojša Floreani, viola, Zlatko Rucner, cello
One of the cornerstones of the Sebastian String Quartet’s program has been the performance of works by Croatian authors, as well as the commissioning and premiering of new pieces. During its more than 30 years of existence, the Sebastian Quartet has often performed compositions by Anđelko Klobučar. The composer dedicated the String Quartet No. 5 and the pieces Christ on the Cross and In the beginning was the Word to this ensemble, while he arranged the Collage for this type of an ensemble at the initiative of this Quartet. Klobučar attended the concerts of the Quartet, looking forward to each new performance of one of his pieces. He was a composer who gave the performers complete freedom of interpretation, which most likely resulted from his own rich interpretative experience. Nevertheless, he did not hesitate to comment on his own pieces, to explain a musical situation or to suggest a possible interpretation. To play and record all of a composer’s string quartets means to immerse oneself deeply in his expression and style and become musically very close to him. In this case, this closeness was also achieved through personal acquaintance and long–term collaboration, making the Sebastian Quartet an authentic interpreter of Klobučar’s opus.

(Gordana Krpan)



Croatian Composers’ Society, Cantus Ltd,  2022
Klobučar, Anđelko  String Quartet No. 1   
Klobučar, Anđelko  String Quartet No. 2   
Klobučar, Anđelko  String Quartet No. 3   
Klobučar, Anđelko  String Quartet No. 4   
Klobučar, Anđelko  String Quartet No. 5   
Klobučar, Anđelko  String Quartet No. 6   
Klobučar, Anđelko  Numbers Don’t Matter (String Quartet No. 7)   
Klobučar, Anđelko  Jesus did Resurrect – String Quartet Partita   
Klobučar, Anđelko  Christ on the Cross for string quartet   
Klobučar, Anđelko  Three Moods for strings