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Ansambl Glazbene staze: Pierrot project, op. 1

Pierrot project, op. 1
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Ansambl / Ensemble Glazbene staze
Eda Rimanić, flauta / flute
Franjo Stojaković, klarinet / clarinet
Đana Kahriman, violina / violin
Andrija Šimić, violončelo / cello
Iva Ljubičić Lukić, klavir / piano
Allow us to introduce the first CD of the ensemble Glazbene staze. It is the result of our ten years of playing and dreaming music, many rehearsals and concerts, successes and failures, and growing up into musical and every other sense. Each composition on this CD has its own story, each was created for a special thematic concert, from “fairy tale” to “star” tracks, and we eagerly awaited and read each, premiering them in the our Music Tracks (Glazbene staze) concert series. If the purpose of music is to delight, to excite, to open oneself to beauty, to the spiritual, to encourage to do good, and even to love – as was our objective – we hope that we have achieved this. What else to add, other than – check it out and enjoy it.
Ensemble Glazbene staze
Croatian Composers’ Society, Cantus Ltd,  2022.
Ivan Josip Skender  Suite from the opera Stribor’s Forest   
Tomislav Uhlik  Paraphrase of Daquin’s Cuckoo   
Ivan Končić  Fantastic Suite   
Marko Slaviček  Flash VIII   
Bianca Ban  Event Horizon   
Bruno Vlahek  Masks, Op. 55