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Kvartet Papandopulo: Scene

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The Papandopulo Quartet, our “most important and rightfully most high-profile national chamber ensemble” consists of four Croatian saxophonists:
                                                                         Nikola Fabijanić, soprano saxophone,
                                                                         Gordan Tudor, alto saxophone,
                                                                         Goran Jurković, tenor saxophone and
                                                                         Tomislav Žužak, baritone saxophone.
Their concerts regularly end with audience ovations and critical acclaim. They consider it especially important to promote contemporary music by Croatian and foreign authors and to collaborate with many leading musicians, ensembles and orchestras.
It is a collection of compositions created primarily at the initiative of or following an excellent interpretation by the members of the Papandopulo Quartet. The creative line connecting the authors on this edition is those musicians whose unceasing concert and educational work outside the Papandopulo Quartet further broadens and enriches their common chamber repertoire. The compositions which were published for the first time on this CD have been interpreted by the Papandopulo Quartet with great success many times over a short period of time.
(Karolina Rugle)
Croatian Composers’ Society, Cantus Ltd, 2022.
Tomislav Uhlik  Papandopulijada   
Tena Ivana Borić  Slapstic   
Gordan Tudor  Scenes, for saxophone quartet   
Petar Obradović  Petrichor   
Olja Jelaska  Maskes, for saxophone quartet