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Elezović, Mia: Mi

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Communication and collaboration between performers and composers is one of the keys to the success of many musical works. A number of compositions on this edition was created precisely at the instigation of the (female) musicians; the second in a series of CDs featuring Croatian contemporary piano works performed by pianist Mia Elezović. One such composition, inspired by this pianist, opens a program of six different compositional profiles of various poetics, whose works are however connected by some common determinants and elements – sometimes in musical gesture, more often in thematically similar determinants in the descriptions of compositions, and sometimes it pertains just a similar approach to the instrument.
(Karolina Rugle)
Croatian Composers’ Society, Cantus Ltd, 2021.
Laura Mjeda Čuperjani  ReMiniScences, for piano solo   
Viktorija Čop  Makka Pakka, for piano   
Margareta Ferek Petrić   Last Smoke, for piano   
Sanda Majurec  Verklärte Nacht, for piano   
Sanja Drakulić  Etudes from a Fairy Tale:   
Ana Horvat  We, for prepared piano and electronics