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Maček, Ivo: The String Quartet No. 2

The String Quartet No. 2
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The String Quartet No. 2 by the Croatian composer Ivo Maček represents an impressive compositional language, in many ways unlike that of the String Quartet No. 1. With a more economical use of chromatics and enharmony, Maček, however, remarkably achieved sometimes aethereal and sometimes very functionally concrete harmonic set, without neglecting the refined linearity of each section. The first and the third movements - in addition to their corresponding form (ABA) – are also connected by the same pitches in the structure of the first theme, which Maček used to define an elegant framework for the second movement with the character of a minuet in the form of a rondo (ABACAB[A]). In this way, we are once again witnessing Maček’s exceptional compositional personality, undeniable talent and excellent skills.
Ante Knešaurek, Editor’s Note
Editor: Sanja Stojanović Stipanov
Music Editor: Ante Knešaurek
Cantus Ltd, 2021.
ISMN 979-0-801349-75-0
Can. 301-9750