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Bošnjak, Dani: Fabliau

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The idea for the creation of a record such as this one came from the composers who dedicated their works to me. I was very impressed and moved by this, and so I have decided to immortalize these compositions. For the first CD, Canto Peregrino, from 2014, my main motivation was Marko Ruždjak. If I’m not mistaken, he composed his last piece precisely for me, had the opportunity to hear them three times, and then, sadly, he died. That really touched me and aroused all kinds of feelings within me because he was a man who lived with us and everything we discovered and played with he absorbed and used in his composing.
For this album, Dubravko Detoni provided that kind of motivation. Even during Kelemen’s life, he and Detoni in a way chose me as a kind of ‘acolyte’ and one who understands the ‘what and how’ in contemporary music. Detoni wrote a series of small ‘comedy sketches’, at least that’s how I experienced them, and asked me to simply set it to music and bring it to life.
All the tracks on this CD are part of my meditation I’ve been sailing through lately.
(Dani Bošnjak)
Croatian Composers’ Society, Cantus d.o.o., 2021.


Šimun Matišić  Sonata for flute and piano  Dani Bošnjak, flute | Terezija Cukrov, piano 
Gordan Tudor  Cherry on the Top, nonsense for piccolo and toy piano  Dani Bošnjak, piccolo | Terezija Cukrov, toy piano 
Dubravko Palanović  5 Moods for Flute Solo   
Srđan Berdović  Ciaccona for flute solo   
Bruno Vlahek  EmBar, for flute solo   
Dubravko Detoni  Burlesque, for piccolo flute   
Milko Kelemen  Fabliau I, for one flutist