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Papandopulo, Boris: From Opus

From Opus
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...The selection of compositions for this discography edition is characterized by two facts important for Boris Papandopulo’s composer’s opus. The first one relates to the part of his creative work dedicated to solo instruments and larger or smaller orchestra ensembles, and the other on the chamber opus, which is equally essential in the number of pieces as it is in its characteristics for the knowledge on the determining points of Papandopulo’s composing style. It is about two large groups of works created gradually during the six–decade long creative artist’s life, which are principally related to the circumstances in which the composer lived and worked at a specific time period, but also the interpreters with whom he contacted and collaborated, who were numerous and oftentimes very friendly, so it was this personal communication that used to be the motivation for the creation of an individual piece. ... Formally, he also didn’t always adhere to the traditional concert form. He readily put together a form in the way of freely conceived movements, sometimes giving them a dance or a romance character or just a form characteristic for him, in which he leans one idea against another and masterfully chains them together in a formal unit. (Erika Krpan)

croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2012. 

Boris Papandopulo  Concertante Music for flute, harp, percussion and strings  Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra | conductor: Mladen Tarbuk | Tamara Coha, flute | Diana Grubišić-Ćiković, harp | Ivana Bilić, vibraphone 
Boris Papandopulo  Concertino for piccolo and strings  Varaždin Chamber Ensemble | Ana Domančić, piccolo 
Boris Papandopulo  Sonata for viola and piano  Milan Čunko, viola | Maja Bakrač, piano 
Boris Papandopulo  Chamber Concert for solo violin and wind quintet  Anđelko Krpan, violin | Zagreb Wind Quintet 
Boris Papandopulo  Play for Two, for xylophone and vibraphone  Ivana Bilić, xylophone and vibraphone | Branko Mihanović, oboe 
Boris Papandopulo  Suita for two flutes  Renata Penezić | Tamara Coha–Mandić, flutes 
Boris Papandopulo  Variations on Rossini’s soprano aria from the opera »The Barber of Seville« for piccolo and trombone  Ana Domančić–Krstulović, piccolo | Vanja Lisjak, trombone 
Boris Papandopulo  Three Movements for wind quintet  Wind quintet of the Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra