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Foretić, Silvio: Autorski album

Croatian Contemporary Composers
Autorski album
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The eccentric and primary impulses of Silvio Foretić’s earliest musical
activities, attempts and pieces seem to coincide with acquiring new
knowledge and insights, and could almost be arranged in a series of smaller
explosive breakthroughs of distinct character and variable energy charge
that imply a strong and flexible line of resistance to the dictates of mainstream
dominant music or doctrine. But these sparks, momentums and jumps of
the driving forces of his permanent composing struggle also cast light on
the intimacy of the landscape of meanderingly indented musical opus, a
kind of an open autobiographical novel – a discussion in which colorful
torsional magmas of varying qualities and densities alternate: sound and
stage gestures, diverse music, chants, images, his own and literary texts,
genuinely committed educational–enlightening actions and provocations.
Croatian Composers' Sociaty, Cantus Ltd, 2020.
Silvio Foretić  Concerto for Second Violin  Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra (Pécs)| Zsolt Hamar, conductor 
Silvio Foretić  Concerto rosso for piano and orchestra  Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra | Danijel Detoni, piano | Nikša Bareza, conductor 
Silvio Foretić  Concerto for Organ and Orchestra  Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra | Pavao Mašić, organ | Mladen Tarbuk, conductor 
Silvio Foretić  Monotonia for string nonet (or orchestra) and piano  Ansambl „fin de siecle – fin de millénaire“, Duisburg | Silvio Foretić, conductor 
Silvio Foretić  The Brown Rhein for strings, 2-3 synthesizers and piano  Community Orchestra of the Croatian Music Institute | Silvio Foretić, conductor 
Silvio Foretić  Soloists, for 12 strings  Zagreb Soloists 
Silvio Foretić  Sextet for three trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba  Ad Gloriam Brass