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S/UMAS: It is What It is

It is What It is
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The S/UMAS Ensemble

flaute | flutes: Toska Lumezi, Nikolina Kapitanović
klarineti | clarinets. Igor Ivanović, Žana Radonić
saksofoni | saxophones: Filip Dujmović, Vedran Momčilović, Marko Gerbus, Martin Ficsura (Mađarska | Hungary)
klavir | piano: Silvija Anić
umjetnički voditelj | artistic director: Gordan Tudor

The music on this album reveals a departure from the prevailing attitudes towards composing and approaches to existing opuses, as well as the creative impulse of the young musicians within the S/UMAS. The search for a diversity of instrumental combinations through the principle of the use of open scores, masterly arrangements and entry into the electroacoustic realm are the common elements of the chosen compositions. These features can be heard throughout the album: from Tudor’s electroacoustic incentive for the ensemble at a time when things are as they are, through Detoni’s (Un)Forgotten Music in a new guise, or the use of objets trouvés that Ana Horvat used to sum up the sounds in the piece she wrote for the then newly–established ensemble of young explorers, or reviving of an almost didactic deconstructions of Margareta Ferek–Petrić in a new arrangement, all the way to Deni Pjanić’s (a former member of S/UMAS) second compositional contribution to the ensemble.

(Karolina Rugle)



Croatian Comporsers Sociaty | Cantus d.o.o., 2021.




Gordan Tudor  It is What It is   
S/UMAS  Impro 9   
Dubravko Detoni (arr. Deni Pjanić)  Forgotten Music    
S/UMAS  Impro 11   
Ana Horvat  S/UMAS Summarum   
S/UMAS  Impro 13   
Margareta Ferek Petrić (arr. Gordan Tudor)  Dancefloor Decontruction   
S/UMAS  Impro 7   
Deni Pjanić  S/Universe