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Zagrebačka filharmonija: The Wonderful Monster of Time

Croatian Composers at the Turn of the Millennium
The Wonderful Monster of Time
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Although it has borne its current name only since 1920, the ZAGREB PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA hasalready existed as a professional orchestral body some 50 years prior.

In that century and a half, the Orchestra has been the leading promoter of musical art not only in the city whose name it bears, but throughout Croatia, and its ambassador on four continents.

Though the number of Philharmonic’s concerts in its hometown in this period is impressive, the list of countries, cities and halls in which the orchestra has performed over the past decades is perhaps even more impressive.

Among others, the orchestra owes its success to art directors and chief conductors from Ivan pl. Zajc and Krešimir Baranović, Milan Sachs and Friedrich Zaun, through Lovro pl. Matačić, Milan Horvat, Pavle Dešpalj and Pavel Kogan, to Kazushi Ono, Alexander Rahbari, Vjekoslav Šutej, David Danzmayr and the newly elected David Runtz.


Croatian Composers’ Society | Cantus Ltd, 2021.





Marko Ruždjak  Andantino, for strings and harpsichord  ZF | Filip Fak, harpsichord 
Dalibor Bukvić  Why Not?, for orchestra    
Frano Parać  Music for strings    
Berislav Šipuš  ...e sarai sola sul lago, for orchestra    
Olja Jelaska  Blue Wave, for symphonic orchestra   
Ivo Josipović  Jamboree, for two pianos, percussion and strings   ZF | Danijel Detoni & Filip Fak, klavir / piano | Ema Krešić, Leonardo Losciale & Željko Grigić, udaraljke/ percussion 
Dubravko Detoni  The Wonderful Monster of Time