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Skender, Ivan Josip: Stylistic Études

Five Études for Violin
Stylistic Études
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The international competition Young Virtuosos – Études and Scales  that has comprised piano and violin disciplines alternatively since 1994.


Stylistic Études for violin were conceived as a suite that chronologically guides a young violinist through the styles and technical problems they encounter in the course of their musical growth. The first, Dance Étude, is based on double stops and empty strings. The second, Contrast Étude, focuses on multiple stops, string crossings and dynamic contrasts. In the third étude, two thematic materials are confronted, varying and merging in an abstract fashion. The fourth étude is technically based on double stops, but its main component is stylistic – and that is the blues. The final, fifth étude is stylistically inspired by virtuoso polytonal solo performances of the best post-rock and heavy-metal virtuosos on one of the most modern instruments – the electric guitar. Nevertheless, the speed and virtuosity of the final étude confirm that the queen of virtuoso instruments was and remains – the violin.


Ivan Josip Skender


Cantus Ltd, 2021.

Edition No: Can. 221-9651

ISMN 979-0-801349-65-1