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Lang, Ivana: Morning, for Voice and Piano, Op.16

Morning, for Voice and Piano, Op.16
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Her composing imperative was to remain understandable to the listener, while relying on tradition. In that sense, the composing aesthetics of Ivana Lang could be defined as the synthesis of Neo-Baroque, Neoclassical and Late-Romantic elements. When it comes to her compositions, this would mean that Ivana Lang did not give up on tonality but remained within an extended tonality. She used classical forms, and the musical material was often developed in distinct motoric lines. She used to say that her music was “bitterly lyrical,” although music critics also recognized influences of impressionism in her opus.

Cantus Ltd, 2020.
Edition No: Can. 208-9521
ISMN 979-0-801349-52-1