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Elezović, Mia: Msgsrv32

piano & elektronics
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An insatiable desire to step out of everything that makes a conventional approach to piano composition, away from the former practice of composing at the keyboard, has urged many authors to move away from and change this approach; even give up the considerable compositional challenges for this instrument. Thus, as the lack of knowledge and interest narrows the already scant space that pianists have given to contemporary music over time, some composers have filled it with pieces that to a large extent seem to ignore the sound redundancy and potential of the piano, while others give up recontextualizing, or they at least overlook a more systematic consideration of the possibilities and role of the piano today. Some of the composers whose works are featured in this edition have given their generous contribution to the domestic piano repertoire, including the electroacoustic domain. Pianists have noticed that, alongside classical disposition of roles, in contemporary piano pieces there are approaches that strive for, and even demand stage performance, and some that are primarily experimental, combining the already available instrumental sounds with different extended techniques of performing and preparing the instrument.
(Karolina Rugle, from CD book)
Croatian Composers’ Society, Cantus Ltd, 2020 
Frano Đurović  Msgsrv32   
Tibor Szirovicza  Pavamana   
Gordan Tudor  Soft&Slight    
Dubravko Detoni  Phonomorphia   
Krešimir Seletković  Improvisations II   
Davor Branimir Vincze  Six Miniatures for a Desperate Housewife