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Zagrebački puhački ansambl & Evgenia Epshtein: Boris Papandopulo: Divertimenti pastorali

Boris Papandopulo: Divertimenti pastorali
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Dani Bošnjak, flute | Branko Mihanović, oboe
Danijel Martinović, clarinet | Bánk Harkay, horn | Žarko Perišić, bassoon 
Evgenia Epshtein, violin
This edition brings selected works from the rich musical legacy of Boris Papandopulo culminating from the creative work spanning more than six decades, which maps the turbulent part of Croatian history of music, and whose richness springs from the phenomenon of Papandopulo’s greatest inspiration, life energy and creative zeal, which the composer, out of necessity, turned into hundreds of compositions. From today’s perspective, this opus can certainly be called a treasury of Croatian music, and numerous articles about Papandopulo alongside discography releases with sound recordings of interpretations of his music are attempts to re-scratch the surface of his unattainable musical, artistic and spiritual horizons.
Karolina Rugle
Cantus d.o.o., 2020.
Papandopulo, Boris  Chamber Concerto for violin and wind quintet   
Papandopulo, Boris  Monologue for violin solo   
Papandopulo, Boris  Little suite for wind quintet