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Arlavi, Berislav: Piano Music by Bruno Bjelinski

Piano Music by Bruno Bjelinski
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Seven Bagatelles | Music for Children | Notes from a Child’s Head | Partita | Sonata No. 3

The works selected for this CD are an overview of his piano opus as they belong to different composing periods, starting in 1945 when Bjelinski wrote Music for Children and ending in 1973 when he wrote Notes from a Child’s Head. Music for Children is preceded by several important piano works: two sonatas, three of the five suites and the frequently performed Toccata, for which the author said the following: “… this is the toccata that is very frequently performed – I cannot stand it – it was composed in 1936 (…) For me, the work is too similar to French music.” ** After Notes from a Child’s Head the author wrote only two more works: Concerto for Two Pianos (Concerto for Romeo and Juliet) in 1981 and Flowers for Scarlatti in 1983. However, the chronological sequence does not reveal anything that indicates a work’s belonging to a particular creative period. The characteristics of the composing style are balanced and – regardless of the period – his style resists any influence that would interfere with the composing expression founded on education, as well as on honest, personal experience of music. ...

Pianist BERISLAV ARLAVI (Zagreb, 1974) began his music studies with professor Jelica Kuzmin, and completed them in 1997 when he graduated summa cum laude from the Academy of Music of Zagreb University in the class of professor Vladimir Krpan, in whose class he also took  master’s degree studies from 2007 to 2009. He entered his first piano competition at the age of 15 and won the state’s second prize. At the same competition the following year (1990) he was made laureate, and that same year h e won the first prize at the Federal competition in Belgrade. In his sophomore year, in 1993, he participated in the International competition Frédéric Chopin in Rome and won the third prize as the youngest of fifty participants.

(Erika Krpan)

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Cantus d.o.o., 2010. 
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