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Škorvaga, Valjko Valentin: Etide za bisernicu 2

Etide za bisernicu 2
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Due to the lack of literature for E-system bisernica, and especially the etudes, I have come up with the idea of publishing a collection of transcribed and processed etudes of various authors as well as the original etudes for the instrument in question, in collaboration with colleagues from Požega Music School.
By choosing the etudes written for other instruments and adapted to the needs of the bisernica – so as to use the musical texture first and then the educative side of certain etudes, as well as supplementing the original compositions that complement a broad range of needs for the development of young musicians – we have obtained the necessary literature. The etudes are ordered according to their complexity and technical characteristics, and different musical demands are being handled – left and right hand technique, rhythm, articulation, ornamentation, agogics, dynamics and phrasing. They are intended for students of music schools, from the 4th to 6th grade of primary music school and 2nd preparatory grade, 1st and 2nd grade of secondary music school, as well as to all those interested in wishing to expand their playing skills. 
I thank my colleagues and co-authors Marijan Paurić, Tihomir Damjanović, Dominik Škrabal and Valentin Petranović, who assisted in copying, as well as by making remarks and giving professional advice in compiling this collection.
I hope I have succeeded in choosing the variety of much needed etudes that will be useful in teaching bisernica in music schools.
(Veljko Valentin Škorvaga)
Cantus d.o.o., 2020.
Broj izdanja: Can.204-9484
ISMN 979-0-801349-48-4