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Milić, Ante: As the Time...

As the Time...
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Ante Milić graduated and obtained a master’s degree from the Music Academy in Zagreb in the class of Professor Zvjezdana Bašić. He graduated in conducting in the class of Professor Vjekoslav Šutej and Tomislav Fačini. Milić founded: Nota bene Orchestra (2006), Grand Winds Zagreb ensemble (2007) and the Renaissance Marco Polo Ensemble (2008). He is the creator of the Piano fortissimo piano cycle (since 1993). The selection of compositions on this CD is based on the acquaintance with all composers and a city they all have in common – Zagreb. This acquaintance either began while practicing their compositions or because of consultations with them (Miletić, Klobučar, Maček) or was a result of growing up with their authors, as well as a sign of respect.
(Mia Pleša)
Cantus, 2019.
Maček, Ivo  Sonata for piano   
Klobučar, Anđelko  Sonatina for piano   
Miletić, Miroslav  Fantasia Concertante   
Lazarin, Branko  Sonatina for piano   
Uhlik, Tomislav  Paraphrases of Croatian folk songs – Evo san ti doša (Here I Come to You)   
Klemenčić, Krešimir  Twilight   
Šaban, Antun Tomislav   Ballad   
Detoni, Dubravko  Choral prelude in G Major, No. 2 – Adagio cantabile   
Meštrović, Matej  Child’s Play 123-12-12   
Nježić, Vjekoslav  As the Time...