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Veljak, Vid: Resomance(s)

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The unstoppable urge of the human creative drive to forge something new through the transformation of the familiar is one of the key features of our species. From the perspective of the 21st century, this feature – that could be observed through the relationship between man and technology – both fascinates and scares us to such an extent that in recent years there have been talks about the post-human. For a long time now (continually at least since 1990 when the Cursus de composition et d’informatique musicale was launched at the IRCAM in Paris) this relationship, when it comes to composing, could also be observed through the prism of the concept of “Composition assistée par ordinateur” (CAO) or computer-assisted composing.. ...
(Ingrid Pustijanac)
Vid Veljak, during his studies, he concentrated on performing the contemporary cello repertoire, focusing primarily on the first premieres of pieces by contemporary Croatian composers, many of whom dedicated their compositions to him (he is the youngest Croatian cellist with a concerto dedicated to him, the composition Asterión by Tomislav Oliver). He has been the cello section leader in the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra since March 2019.
Cantus, 2019.
Dedić, Srđan  Hey Pearl! for violoncello   
Oliver, Tomislav  Idíōma I, for violoncello and electronics   
Ruždjak, Marko  Noćni divan for violoncello   
Tarbuk, Mladen  Cello Suite   
Slaviček, Marko  Resonances II for violoncello and electronics   
Szirovicza, Tibor  Alchemist for violoncello and electronics