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Pintarić, Hrvoje & Jurkić Sviben, Tamara: Signals

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The album Signali (Signals) is a crowning moment and an affirmation of nearly a decade of collaboration between pianist Tamara Jurkić Sviben and hornist Hrvoje Pintarić. Their joint chamber project began in 2010 and still continues. Their collaboration has resulted not only in this album as a permanent audio testimony, but in many performances on three continents (North America, Australia, Europe). These performances are particularly important because they always contain interpretations of pieces written for them, with horn often in the audio foreground. Pintarić and Jurkić Sviben believe that having new original compositions written for them by local composers is a feat that needs to be earned. With hard work, talent, sensibility and commitment to chamber music the two of them, respectively, have gained the trust of the widest segment of local composers whose pieces are on this album, regardless of their generational or stylistic differences.
(Zvonimir Bajević, from CD book)
Croatian Composers’ Society, Cantus Ltd, 2019 
Miljenko Prohaska  Suite for horn and piano   
Tomislav Uhlik  Sonatina for horn and piano   
Alfi Kabiljo  Friendly Trio  Zlatko Strčić, trombone 
Davor Bobić  Capriccio   
Dalibor Grubačević  Solid Pictures   
Sanda Majurec  Dreamers   
Branko Okmaca  Fantasy   
Laura Mjeda Čuperjani  Sadness  Sofija Cingula, soprano 
Laura Mjeda Čuperjani  Horn Play