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Papandopulo, Boris: Concerto for violin and orchestra - Piano reduction

Concerto for violin and orchestra - Piano reduction
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Piano reduction by Damir Gregurić
Boris Papandopulo's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra was first performed on 13 March 1944 in the hall of the Croatian Music Institute. 
The traditional three-movement form of the work, displaying the usual contrastive character of the sections, contains all of the essential features inherent in composer's style: an outstanding sense of the melodic line, even when he handled a simple folk music pattern as a starting point (the 2nd movement); then a masterly elaborated thematic material, which is developed through numerous, neatly arranged harmonic, counterpuntal, instrumental, and agogic shifts and nuances, sometimes within dense chromaticism which, interestingly enough, does not cross the boundaries of the given key, and the instrumentation, of course, which frames the comprehensive solo part very inventionally. These features did not only result in beauty of the melody, but also in lavish instrumental colouring within the harmonically established formal and tonal balance.
Erika Krpan
Cantus d.o.o., 2018.
Broj izdanja: Can. Can. 188-9323
ISMN 979-0-801349-32-3
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