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Zagrebački ansambl flauta: Carrousel

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The Zagreb Flute Ensemble (ZAF), the only ensemble of its kind in Croatia, was founded by Renata Penezić and Tamara Coha Mandić in 2012. The core of the ensemble is a flute quartet, but the number of performers can increase without restriction. This unique ensemble brings together experienced performers, young artists and flute students, giving young performers a rare opportunity to gain precious concert experience and expand their own repertoire with the help of experienced colleagues. Alongside Renata Penezić, the ensemble’s artistic director, the ensemble is made up of the following permanent members: Tamara Coha Mandić, Marija Esih, Danijela Klarić Mimica, Jelena Geček, Ana Batinica, Ivana Vukojević, Dijana Bistrović, Lidija Ljubičić and Eva Cigić. All of the members have been educated at various higher music education institutions and have further perfected their skills both in Croatia and abroad.
(Jelena Vuković, from CD book text, croatian/english)
Cantus Ltd., Croatian Composer's Society, 2019. 
Tomislav Uhlik  Carrousel for ten flutes   
Frano Đurović  She’s Walking Through the Clouds for nine flutes   
Miljenko Prohaska  Sketches for eight flutes   
Tibor Szirovicza  Levitating Chihuahuas for flute quintet   
Marin Rabadan  Easy Walkin’ for nine flutes   
Ivan Josip Skender  Suite for seven flutes   
Alfi Kabiljo  Anunnaki suite for ten flutes