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Juranić, Zoran: Half a Century of Instrumental Music

Half a Century of Instrumental Music
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This CD is an overview of compositions for various instrumental ensembles that Zoran Juranić wrote over the span of 50 years, half a century!...
Juranić’s language, as evident in all the pieces within this half-a-century overview, is deeply permeated with tradition as well as with his own recognizable and rich artistic fantasy immersed into a present moment, giving each new composition a delightfully familiar and deliberate, yet fresh and intriguing apparel. Honed composing, considerably improved by Juranić’s wide conducting experience, as well as his research-musicological endeavors, is the basis of each of his pieces. Outfitted with such craft, Juranić is able to shape the makeup of the strongly built structures in which every detail has its meaning, role and place, and many carefully woven musical determinants (chosen motifs, intervals and other elements) link and draw together all elements into a single compact body.  (Marija Saraga, fom CD book; croatian/english) 
Cantus Ltd, 2018.
  Divertimento for wind quartet  Renata Penezić, flute | Dario Golčić, oboe | Bruno Phillip, clarinet | Žarko Perišić, bassoon 
  A Luca Sorgo  Varaždin Chamber Orchestra | Zoran Juranić, conductor 
  String Quartet  Sebastian String Quartet 
  Concerto for viola and strings  Varaždin Chamber Orchestra | Zoran Juranić, conductor | Milan Čunko, viola 
  Autumn Septet  Septet Ad Libitum 
  Grabancijaš polka  Varaždin Chamber Orchestra | Zoran Juranić, conductor