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Majurec, Sanda: Autorski album

Autorski album
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... In the work of Sanda Majurec, the sonority and the form become almost physical: sounds behave like objects in that they bend and warp, fragment and often implode within the form. They appear like objects affected by an external force, but the dynamics of their interaction also acts as a trigger of formal processes.

The result is a multilayer weaving of sounds, comparable to strings intertwining, layering or separating, generating musical dramaturgy in which the individual sound objects and macro-forms constantly refer to each other.

The interaction between physical presence of sound as an object and its meaning and function in the formal context of a higher order is what gives clarity and plasticity to the pieces at the level of  structure and form. ...


(Tomislav Oliver)


Croatian Composers' Society, Cantus Ltd, 2018.



  Pebbles and Ripples, for guitar  Yuchen Zhang, guitar 
  Solos, for flute and electric guitar  Dani Bošnjak, flute | Edin Karamazov, electric guitar 
  Notturno senza luna, for accordion  Klemen Leben, accordion 
  Lapilli, for bass clarinet  Ratko Vojtek, bass clarinet 
  Nevera, for harpsichord  Željko Manić, harpsichord 
  I ritorni, for flute, clarinet, violin and piano  mdi Ensemble 
  Hölderlin, for flute and soprano  Stana Krstajić, flute | Aneta Ilić, soprano 
  Contrattempo, for chamber ensemble  Cantus Ensemble | Ivan Josip Skender, conductor 
  Four Songs for Nothing, for two sopranos and ensemble  Nina Kobler, sopran | soprano; Davorka Horvat, mezzosopran | mezzosoprano; Cantus Ansambl | Cantus Ensemble; Luca Pfaff, dirigent | conductor