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Alisios Camerata: Introductions

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Alisios Camerata is an internationally renowned ensemble whose core is made out of the Messiaen ensemble, i.e. four Croatian musicians: clarinettist Radovan Cavallin, violinist Vlatka Peljhan, cellist Alja Mandič and pianist Mia Elezović.

Alisios Camerata was founded in 2012  ... When the opportunity arises, Alisios Camerata perform in extended ensembles, in diverse combinations, hosting fellow instrumentalists and vocalists. Their repertoire features compositions originally written for the Messiaen ensemble, as well as their own adaptations of many interesting works from various music periods. Alisios Camerata have attracted interest of Croatian composers in recent years, prompting them to write an increasing number of original pieces for the ensemble.


(Bosiljka Perić Kempf)


Croatian Composers' Society, Cantus Ltd, 2018.



Ivan Josip Skender  Introductions   
Olja Jelaska  Wind in Mount Carmel   
Frano Parać  Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello and piano   
Davor Bobić  Menorah   
Dubravko Detoni  Alisios Variations