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Knešaurek, Ante: Improvizacije na umjetnička djela četvorice hrvatskih slikara

Improvizacije na umjetnička djela četvorice hrvatskih slikara
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“Può riuscir nojoso, egli è vero, il sentir replicar

sempre così appuntino la medesima cosa: ed

egli par ragionevole, che si abbia a lasciare un po’

di campo aperto alla scienza, alla fantasia, e all’

affetto del cantore.”


“It may become boring, it is true, to repeatedly listen

to the same thing, therefore it is reasonable to leave

room for skill, fantasy and emotion of the singer.”


Francesco Algarotti, Saggio Sopra

L’Opera in Musica (1755)


This thought introduces Algoretti’s paragraph about the meaning and purpose of improvisation scienza della musica, not only within the old practice of playing general bass, but the importance of improvisation of vocal soloists and other orchestra members. ...

Improvisation is an act of composing in the moment, off the top of one’s head, ad hoc, with no possibility of correcting, deleting or tearing the paper. Improvisation is taught consistently and over a long period of time, the same as all other musical disciplines, but is more demanding as it requires thinking ahead, imagining the music picture which is about to happen and the possibility of emotional experience of future music – all that while performing (improvising) a completely different thought, so improvisation requires a permanent thoughtfulness and sound criticism.


Ante Knešaurek



Recorded live in a concert at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, held on April 29, 2017, at the 28th Music Biennale Zagreb.


Cantus d.o.o., 2018.




  Pietà  Ante Knešaurek, organ 
  Man  Ante Knešaurek, organ 
  Couple  Ante Knešaurek, organ 
  Keepers  Ante Knešaurek, organ 
  Shadow  Ante Knešaurek, organ 
  A Trace of Sun  Ante Knešaurek, organ 
  Noah’s Performance  Ante Knešaurek, organ 
  Christ and the Blind Man  Ante Knešaurek, organ