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Live @ZKM
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Tamara Obrovac - glas, skladbe | voice, composer

Fausto Beccalossi - harmonika | accordion

Uroš Rakovec - gitara, mandola | guitar, mandola

Žiga Golob - kontrabas |  double bass

Krunoslav Levačić - bubnjevi | drums


Zagreb is the city in which I spent my student days, the city in which I discovered jazz and in which I had my first performances, the city I love and which, hopefully, loves me…the city in which I have performed numerous times in the last twenty years. This is why I was especially glad that the concert celebrating 20 years of my recording career and my tenth CD was held in the hall of Zagreb Youth Theatre, one of my favourite halls. I was beyond happy to see the hall filled with a wonderful audience and to experience the amazing atmosphere of unreserved giving, playfulness and love between us musicians and the audience.

Extraordinary moments such as these are the reason why I have chosen music as my profession, they are what I hope for before every concert and what makes life worth living for me.

I would like to thank the musicians of Transhistria ensemble, our faithful audience and all those who participated in the production of this special concert.

Tamara Obrovac


Cantus, 2018.

 889 245 008 62




1. Toucà la louna / Touch the Moon (T. Obrovac/ L. Bogliun)

2. IstrArmenia / Homesick (T. Obrovac / K. Asatrian)

3. Se me ra morta privari / If death was to trick me (T. Obrovac/S.Brkarić Krculić)

4. Kažeta / Little House (T. Obrovac)

5. Sama / Alone (T. Obrovac)

6. Kada te nima tu / When You Are Not Here (T. Obrovac)



1. Črni malin / Black Mill (T. Obrovac / D. Načinović)

2. Kruška je obrana – interludij / The Pear Tree Has Been Harvested- interlude

3. Canto amoroso / Love Song (T. Obrovac)

4. Carisa / Caress (T. Obrovac/ L. Bogliun)

5. Daleko je… Is Faraway… (T. Obrovac / A. Gasparini)

6. Biscoti ruduladi / Rolled Cookies (T. Obrovac/ L. Bogliun)