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Krpan, Vladimir: Croatian Piano Music

Croatian Piano Music
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... the compositions recorded for this album belong to authors who were the strongholds of Croatian music history, and the pieces selected can be considered signposts to lead the listener through Croatian piano music creation from almost the beginning to the middle of the 20th century. This selection allows insight into the authors’ cognitive level not only when it comes to their relationship with form development, but also when it comes to the skill of disposing with the possibilities of the harpsichord first, and then, of course, the piano.. ...

Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja, Cantus d.o.o., 2018.



Luka Sorgo (Sorkočević)  Sonata in A major   
Ivan Jarnović  Fantasia and Rondo in G major   
Leopold Ebner  Sonata in C major   
Josip Rafaelli  Prelude and Theme with Variations in A major   
Vatroslav Lisinski  Two mazurkas in E–flat major   
Ferdo Livadić  Notturno   
Ferdo Livadić  Scherzo in E major   
Ferdo Livadić  Scherzo in A–flat major   
Boris Papandopulo  Dance Study   
Stjepan Šulek  Piano Sonata No. 1   
Anonimni autor s otoka Krka  Sonata in C major