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Šipuš, Berislav: Together

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The rise of Šipuš’s comprehensive interests and enlightening drive to create and change the reality of his milieu on all musical levels and at all times is a testimony to the creative capacity through which he acquired the moral fullness of the composing, educational and organizational legacy of his teacher Stanko Horvat — precious small stretches.  ... Šipuš, a composer of a rich, diverse, beautiful and award–winning opus, has therefore deemed it necessary to formulate new musical and music spaces alongside his personal composing thoughts and responses. ...

(Seadeta Midžić, from CD book)


Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja, Cantus d.o.o., 2018.



  Dialogues, for viola and violoncello  Danijel Thune, viola | Bojan Lhotka, violoncello 
  Alone, for violoncello and piano  Jasen Chelfi, violoncello | Srebrenka Poljak, piano 
  Lullaby for Sanróa, the Bird of Love, for two guitars  Petrit Çeku & Tvrtko Sarić, guitars 
  Three Short Tales from Blind Forest, for violin and piano  Katarina Kutnar, violin | Katarina Krpan, piano 
  Dick Tracy and the Very Short and Very Strange Story of Glaxo Blue, for two pianos  Katarina Krpan & Ana Lucić, pianos 
  And Then, Turn to the Mountain, for flute and guitar  Dani Bošnjak, flute | Edin Karamazov, guitar