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Paar, Mihael: Premiere

New Croatian Clarinet Music
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"The wealth of Croatian musical heritage features several composers whose works prominently spotlight clarinet. The most productive of these – Emil Cossetto and Anđelko Klobučar − wrote everything from solo songs to large forms for this instrument, while the Quintet by Boris Papandopulo and the Concerto by Bruno Bjelinski became classics that found their way to the world stages despite all the difficulties accompanying the music of ‘small nations’. There were also a number of other composers following the footsteps of these four great names, so clarinet can undoubtedly be characterized as an instrument not lacking literature in the national music of the 20th century.


Dynamic period of collaboration with contemporary Croatian composers of all generations and genres, and an ambitious project of recording an album consisting entirely of these new  compositions written especially for this occasion began a few years back, at the end of my formative period and establishment of a central clarinet repertoire, and following the above-mentioned tendencies of a performer to look for something new, whether ‘old new’ or ‘genuinely new’. One always hears stories about collaboration between performers and composers, and although this one does not differ much from the others, it still had some special hallmarks and aspects that should be highlighted. Cordiality and enthusiasm of all composers was quite impressive as all of them, without exception, have responded to my invitation despite their numerous other commitments and engagements." (Mihael Paar, from the CD booklet)

Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja, Cantus d.o.o., 2017. 

Silvije Glojnarić  Little Game – Concertino for clarinet and piano   Mihael Paar, clarinet | Filip Fak, piano  
Matej Meštrović  Stars Over Budapest, for clarinet and piano   Mihael Paar, clarinet | Matej Meštrović, piano  
Ante Grgin  Capriccio br. 6, for clarinet solo  Mihael Paar, clarinet  
Bruno Vlahek  Sonata for clarinet and piano, Op. 42   Mihael Paar, clarinet | Filip Fak, piano  
Alfi Kabiljo  Srebrena ptica, for clarinet solo   Mihael Paar, clarinet 
Matija Dedić  Rhapsodietta for clarinet and piano   Mihael Paar, clarinet | Matija Dedić, piano