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Bilić, Ivana: Folow me

Croatian music for percussion

Ivana Bilić, percussion (xilophone, marimba, vibraphone) 


Ivana Bilić, a Croatian percussionist, has won international critical acclaim with her latest album “Follow me” released by the label CANTUS. It features works written by contemporary Croatian composers for percussion instruments. 

The American magazine “Percussive Notes” published by the Percussive Arts Society issued a wonderful review on Ivana’s album in its June 2001 edition. Reviewed by John R. Raush. Excerpts:

“The music on this CD is a kind of microcosm of the 20th century compositional techniques, ranging from neo-classicist trends in Papandopulo’s concerto to avantgarde elements in “Follow me” and jazz influences that characterise “Intima”…

The music on the CD is ideal for displaying the versatility of the mallet soloist Bilić, who can coax sensitive, expressive sounds from her bars, as well as toss off the most demanding passages with bravado.

The disc serves as an impressive invitation card for Bilić to enter the percussion world at large. (…)”


HDS - Cantus, 2000. 
988 984 982

Boris Papandopulo  CONCERTO FOR XYLOPHONE AND STRINGS  Copenhagen Strings | Frano Krasovac, conductor 
Igor Kuljerić  TOCCATA for vibraphone and piano  Vanja Kuljerić, piano 
Igor Kuljerić  CHOPIN, op 17, br. 4 for vibraphone and flute  Ana Dumančić K., flute 
Igor Kuljerić/Ivana Bilić  BAROCCHIANA for marimba solo   
Dubravko Detoni  FOLLOW ME  ACEZANTEZ Ensemble: Dubravko Detoni i Fred Došek, pianos 
Miljenko Prohaska/Ivana Bilić  INTIMA for vibraphone solo