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Bergamo, Petar - Vučković, Vojislav: The Return of the Sun

a ballet in one act | six scenes
The Return of the Sun
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During his short life, the ballet’s author, composer Vojislav Vučković (1910-1942) followed the idea of an involved, socially functional and ethically conceived art. This attitude developed during his five-year study in Prague (1929-1934), where he, aspiring to achieve the synthesis of theory and practice, studied composition (and graduated from the Master School in the class of Josef Suk), conducting, and attended courses in quarter-tone music with Alois Hába. He earned a doctorate in musicology from the Charles University (with Zdeňek Nejedlý on the thesis “Music as a means of propaganda”). ... 
Wolker’s story, in the form of a children’s fable but with a clear message, Vučković structured in 6 images whose titles clearly pinpoint to the possible course of the plot. Even the chosen figure of the thematic material (leitmotif implementation of the theme of a millionaire and its confrontation or interweaving with multiple quotations of a popular Russian song Polyushka Polye) outlines the recognizable elements of ideological intentions. He began writing the orchestration for the ballet (autograph of the first completed image is lost, as is the libretto draft), but had then turned to new compositions. The ballet remained in that unedited piano form.
As part of the preparations started in the 1960s by the Committee for marking the 25th anniversary of Vojislav Vučković’s death, all of his texts and extensive monographs then available were published (1968), and the publishing of Vučković’s compositions also began in cooperation with the composer’s brother Mihajlo Vučković. The composer Petar Bergamo (1930), of Vučković’s age at that time and sharing similar ideals that music could change the world and that good structure of musical life could influence the level of social awareness, agreed to upgrade and complete Vučković’s work. He edited it, put finishing touches to the piano layout and orchestrated the work (1964/1965), entitling it “The Return of the Sun.” The ballet has not undergone an integral stage performance until now. It was performed on 4 May 1966 on the Belgrade Television, conducted by Oskar Danon; and before that at the concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra led by Živojin Zdravković in Ljubljana on 11 February 1966.
Marija Bergamo


Cantus d.o.o., 2015.

Edition No: Can. 131-3742

ISMN 979-0-801333-74-2