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Papandopulo, Boris: Sinfonietta | Concerto for violin

Treasure Trove of Croatian Music
Sinfonietta | Concerto for violin
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Concerto for violin and orchestra was written at a time when the author reached his full compositional maturity ... he began listening to the sound of his environment in a special way; he discovered an interest in melographing, and the melodic structure of not only the Mediterranean song was incorporated into his composing style. These associations can be heard even in works seemingly far from the folklore or folk idiom such as Sinfonietta or Concerto for violin and orchestra, master pieces that were formally, however, structured according to the classical model. ...
Sinfonietta for string orchestra is another master piece that Papandopulo brought from Split.. ...  Adhering to the traditional values in the formal sense, Papandopulo sought to achieve the highest possible expressiveness and has succeeded in it. Flawless and perfectly proportioned music notation is charged with emotions, it is playful and glowing because of expertly treated strings in the skeletal movements, and is colored with an outstanding, meditative beauty in the slow movement.  Interestingly, Sinfonietta at first had four movements. The second movement was Scherzo, which the composer removed from the composition because as he used
to say its proportions did not enable it to function as part of the whole. Papandopulo wrote Sinfonietta during the summer of 1938, and the piece was premiered by the Zagreb Philharmonic conducted by Krešimir Baranović in the autumn of 1938.
At the beginning of this century, a research or more correctly, an attempt was finally made to disengage pages fused together several decades earlier, showing that among these pages of the autograph there were invaluable passages that have remained hidden from the public eye. Shortenings that were made in the later performances were not “slight” as Dobronić suggested but have shortened the duration of the Concerto for a twenty minutes. Among other things, what was left out was an extensive, interesting and inspired cadence that requires of a performer a high level of skill, both technical and musical. Adhering to the principle that the public should be given an opportunity to judge the integrated piece, a team of experts led by Professor Goran Končar and composer Mladen Tarbuk who supplemented the twelve missing bars following Papandopulo’s attributes undertook this sensitive task of revitalizing the score.

(Erika Krpan)


Treasure Trove of Croatian Music 
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Boris Papandopulo  Sinfonietta, for string orchestra, op. 79  Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra | Kazushi Ono, conductor 
Boris Papandopulo  Concerto for violin and orchestra, op. 125  Goran Končar, violin | Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra | Mladen Tarbuk, conductor